Outland Mining - Flight 0619 - Blue Star Pirates

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Master Buggie
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Outland Mining - Flight 0619 - Blue Star Pirates

Post by Master Buggie » Fri Jun 07, 2019 3:57 pm

"Feels good to be back," Storm's deep voice rumbled through the comm, as the Action V heavy transport Outland 02 pulled away from the repair dock.

Buggie flew alongside the fully repaired hauler in his StarViper-class attack platform. Both vessels rose through the atmosphere of the planet they had sent the twin transports of Outland Transport to in order to be repaired, and Buggie quietly reflected that it would feel much better once they had Outland 01 back in action. Since Outland 01 was piloted by a droid crew and since the navigation was slaved to its twin's, it had fallen under a greater condition of disrepair after Buggie and Storm had been ambushed near Seeratter. Buggie had done all he could to patch the wounds that the ship had suffered, but matters had progressed to the point where the ship was unsafe to be flying any longer. As a result, it remained in holding until it's extensive repairs could be completed. In the meantime, Storm and Buggie planned to take Outland Transport's single freighter on a journey to accumulate some income with which to help pay for the costly fixes.

"Ready for the jump," Storm commed once the vessels had reached the outer limits of the planet's gravity well.

Once the coordinates had been transmitted, Buggie confirmed and, together, the ships jumped to lightspeed to their destination.
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Re: Outland Mining - Flight 0619 - Blue Star Pirates

Post by Neive Undant » Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:39 pm

“Imperial intelligence doesn’t lie, the verpine that you’ve been looking for should be on his way to you momentarily.”

Prazutis quietly sat in the pilot seat of his Trilon aggressor, with a droid pilot on his ETA 2-class not far from him. A transport with a single escort vessel was an easy target, but hearing that the verpine was aboard one of the vessels piqued Prazutis’ interest more than anything. Although he had been disappointed by the Imperial intelligence before, he knew they wouldn’t lead him astray a second time.

“Just know that the cargo they are carrying is extremely valuable. The moff of the sector was adamant about sending our best agent on the mission.”

Prazutis didn’t care about the possible riches of the endeavor. Just hearing that the Jedi that he had encountered on Cato would be on this vessel gave him cause to be aboard. But now? All he could do was wait, and hope that the Verpine’s course was set through his current location.


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