Spice it up(Zas, ask)

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Neive Undant
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Spice it up(Zas, ask)

Post by Neive Undant » Fri Feb 07, 2020 5:41 pm

In the days since the battle on Jedha between Prazutis and the two Jedi, activity of Jedi in imperial space seemed to dwindle. While Prazutis didn’t like focusing on tasks not related to the enemy at hand, his presence near the Corporate Sector triggered a message from the ISB asking Prazutis to look into a Spice ring in the area. Ryll, Glitterstim, and other narcotics were a plague on the people’s minds and on their bank accounts, and with no taxes being paid from the transactions, the Empire watched these credits fall into the hands of a number of Crime Lords in the area.

Even so, with a problem this large in scale, it seemed strange for the ISB to ask this of an Inquisitor, not to mention a High Inquisitor with such a reputation as Prazutis’, ending most problems with his lightsaber. However, he supposed with his lack of collateral damage reporting, that they would have faith that he would not simply exterminate the ring in its entirety.

But just in case, he was told that a mercenary with connections in the area would be sent to meet him in Bonadon’s capital marketplace.

Prazutis didn’t ask questions as to why or how the mercenary was brought on board for the mission, but if we could assist in any way, Prazutis was fine with having an extra voice at his side... or an extra blaster.

From the Shadowhawk, Prazutis brought 2 stormtroopers with him, in case any arrests were made, and for a bit of extra intimidation. An Inquisitor in Mandalorian armor was a sight to see, but the recognizable Trooper armor and helmet would ensure nobody but those he had business with would approach the High Inquisitor.

From the loading ramp of his personal Lambda shuttle, Prazutis stepped down with the troopers, in a spaceport near the marketplace. As the three approached the rendezvous point, Prazutis only waited for the arrival of this “Mercenary” as the ISB mentioned him as...

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Zasabi Ray
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Re: Spice it up(Zas, ask)

Post by Zasabi Ray » Sat Feb 08, 2020 2:46 am

It was funny how the easiest promises to break were the ones to yourself.

He had sworn to himself he wouldn't return to the Corporate Sector for anything short of a life debt. Too many memories, bad and good. More importantly, the Corporate Sector had a standing bounty on his head- a common problem with transitions from one Direx to another, but it had been politically convenient to blame him for all manner of problems over the years, inflating the original sizeable bounty to absurd levels, and he had no interest in spending the rest of his life in Stars' End.

But that was before he found out what was at stake. What the Corporate Sector had of his. It didn't really matter to him why they had it, but the fact that they did changed things, made him come out from the cold and risk it all.

This job was the perfect opportunity for him. If it took him where he thought, it would give him a shot at the target with the minimum amount of risk. The Imperials would get him into the Corporate Sector, and it would be up to him to get back out again. That required the Imperials to be entirely unaware of his true objectives, however. This meant that it required a disguise.

A shadow darkened the helms of Prazutis' escort, the murky sunlight casting a grim light over the massive figure. He appeared more machine than man, a titanic mass of armor that turned a humanoid frame into a living hammer. Nemesis armor was a rare sight, to be certain, and it left an impression on any with the questionable fortune to see it in action.

"Not a bad suit," admitted a deep, gruff voice from within the suit. Zasabi made sure to install the suit with a number of vocoders that would translate his voice into one entirely dissimilar from his own. "Certainly better taken care of than most of the suits I've claimed over the years."

As the troopers closed ranks around the High Inquisitor, Zasabi extended a menacing metal hand, palm upwards. A small smooth metal ring sat in the center, igniting into a holographic display that announced him as "Johrn McGrath, Guilded Mercenary" along with a set of identification numbers that would match up with the mission data the Inquisitor had received.

"Espos gonna give your boys any trouble?" Zasabi drawled as he nodded toward the armed Stormtroopers. "They tend to be pretty insistent on the whole "No weapons" law in my experience."

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