Bastion Docking Bay

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Bastion Docking Bay

Post by robwhite016 » Thu Apr 30, 2020 8:21 pm

Makala drew in a breath as his shuttle touched down on Bastion. He had come a long way from Kashyyk, and he could already feel the jet lag sneaking up on him. The big Wookiee bent down, sliding a hefty sack of credits under the cockpit door. Makala heard the pilot droid beeping appreciatively as he entered the bustling spaceport.

The place was bustling, alright; Bright neon signs advertised ships, airspeeders, food and drink in every language of the galaxy. The sounds of chatter blended with the sounds of giant freighters and capital ships roaring into space. Bastion was the capital of the Empire; Big, mighty, and full of opportunity- At least for a human. Makala was far from human, but he was banking on the hope that he could serve the Empire's cause, one way or another. He shuffled past the sea of creatures until he found the Empire's black-and-white sigil. He walked up to the recruitment desk and greeted the person behind it.

"He-Hello. I'd like to join..." he paused and sucked in air before forcing the words out. "I want to join the Imperial Navy."

(OOC: Hi, my name's Rob. I was looking for a place to RP and I wound up here. I know the lore here is a little different than regular Star Wars, but I've looked around and this seems like an awesome forum. I have one question; Is there prejudice against aliens in the Empire like there is in the movies?)

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Re: Bastion Docking Bay

Post by Neive Undant » Tue May 05, 2020 9:09 pm

(OOC: welcome! Yes the lore has branched off from episode IV, so the sequels are nonexistant, and I believe there is still a decent bit of human superiority ideations within the Empire, however more aliens are starting to join the ranks.)

The official sitting at the recruitment station had a bit of a surprised expression as he looked over the Wookie, thinking for a moment before grabbing a data pad.

“Well, this is a surprise. A wookie speaking basic. But in any case, not my place to judge. Please state your name for the record.” He said, getting ready to write.

An announcement came over the PA system, a male voice speaking through the spaceport speakers.

All cadets and instructors, please make your way to gate five. Cadets and instructors to gate five. Departure is in 10 minutes.

Occasionally speaks sith. translation here:

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