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The War-Bringer (Ask)

Post by Kell Sangros » Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:50 pm

=Location: Somewhere in the Unknown Regions=

An old style Corellian freighter dropped out of Hyperspace as it made its approach to a world that the known regions have yet to name, but those who lived here called it Caysoon Minor, the planet was a combination of red and brown. It was mostly a desert world but there were sections on the dying planet that still had vegetation and life. This little patch held a small community which was loosely used for Smugglers, Dealers of various kinds and Crime Bosses. The Locals called it Haven.

The Freighter landed where it was instructed an it’s Captain disembarked with his co-pilot, both human about 30 to 40 standard years old. They both stood at the bottom of their boarding ramp, as officials came and dispensed with their inspections and red-tape.

What you got for us today” barked the Lead Inspector, an older stout man who looked like he forgot what personal hygiene was for.

Just a few Carbonite Slabs, mostly consumables” the Captain said nonchalantly

The Inspectors retrieved 5 Carbonite Slabs from the freighter’s cargo hold. All on anti gravity skids, the lead inspector examined each one, and compared the designation to his Datapad. Four of them passed with no issue. The fifth one looked like it contained a man.

What’s this?” The inspector said to the Captain gesturing to the Slab of Carbonite. The Captain shrugged and then got closer to examine it. It did indeed contain a man and the expression on the man’s face chilled the Captain’s blood.

Looks like a man, probably crossed somebody he should not have” He said as he shrugged again.The Captain doubted this however as this man’s expression held no fear, or pain only a look that could kill.

We didn’t ask for this” He protested

It’s yours now” Said the Captain

Thaw him or keep him as a decoration and sell It for a profit” The Captain said, “I am sure your boss Callaprizzi will not object to a free profit

As they were discussing this the crews had finished unloading their cargo and loaded the new cargo in, various boxes of items and goods.

We’re not taking this” the lead inspector said at last as if coming to a decision. “Load it back up” He then barked.

The Captain looked at the Co-Pilot and could only shrug, the Co-Pilot took out a data pad and checked the manifest for the new cargo and to make sure they were properly paid. “I say we take the slab back we’ll turn a nice profit I am sure Captain

He nodded and nodded at the inspectors who then reloaded the lone Carbonite Slab into the cargo hold.

Short time later the freighter was space bound leaving the lone world of Caysoon Minor behind. Once in hyperspace the Captain leaned back from his seat. “Maybe we can make that profit at our next stop” he said not really addressing anybody.

The Co-Pilot replied “Who do you think the man is?

No Clue, but a man who was not afraid to be frozen like that is not one I want to cross paths with” He paused “We will be at our next destination in about six hours

=6 Hours Later=

The Freighter had boarded with the Corellian Corvette, the standard formalities and pleasentries were exchanged the inspections and red tape dealt with. They had also bought the wayard slab of carbonite. One man mused this would be a good decoration on the wall of the COs quarters. No sooner then when the freighter departed to its next stop the Corvette set it’s course. Their ultimate destination was the known regions. The CO examined his new prize, he agreed it would look good on his wall and gave the order for his men to make it happen. They were only too happy to obey this order.

Later that evening the Captain sat in his quarters at a small table bottle of Calamarian Rum on the table, glass in hand which was half empty but it was not his first glass. He enjoyed his Rum. He sat staring at the new trophy in his room, studying the features of the man who was frozen in Carbonite. As he made love to his drink he pondered on who the being was. Definitely human, male, the last facial expressions exhibited rage and hatred and how did such a odd item end up in his possession? How long had this man been in carbonite? How many owners had this slab have before coming into his possession?

The Corvette dropped out of hyperspace with a shudder. Captain Anoh Panch looked up from his glass, took one quick glance at the slab and then rose from his chair going to the comm panel.

Report” he barked “What happened

We got incoming, flew right into their interdiction field” reported the voice

On my way” Anoh replied

He left his quarters and made his way to the cockpit/bridge it was compacted on the Corvette. He looked out the viewport a larger ship was directly in their path, dispatched from it were several fighters who opened fire without warning. The damage inflicted was minor and the corvette returned in kind. The exchanged lasted only a few minutes when the Corvette’s weapon systems were disabled.

Make a run for it” Anoh barked to the pilots

The Corvette altered its course and punched the sub-lights to the maximum and as expected starfighters were in pursuit unloading their blaster fire on the bleeding ship until the sub-lights failed and the capital ship had docked with the crippled corvette.

When the intruders had boarded , a rag tag of mercenaries gunning down the smugglers in cold blood. The hostile takeover was quick and ended with no survivors. Shortly after the skirmish a man boarded he was a human he did not look significant but he was indeed a person of import in some circles.

Search the ship” the Tattooinian ordered. “He has to be here"

The man smirked in remembrance, capturing the man named Kell Sangros only he went under a different moniker now. He remembered the futile attempt he made of escaping his carbonite prison. He needed the carbonite slab in his possession. He also remembered how someone presumably someone working for the Mandalorians had stolen his carbonite trophy. Of course he had found and had them gunned down but the damage was done, he had tracked it down until he found it here and now nobody resisted him now. He knew it had to be here, one of his men shook him from his reverie

Boss Grison” a young human man said “I believe we found it

He looked at his sub-ordinate “Show me” and then followed

He entered the former Captain’s quarters and on the wall was a Carbonite slab he walked right up to it examining the features. Long moments of silence followed.

This is it, well done Tyn” he pat the man on the shoulder

If I may sir, who is he?” He was afraid at that moment that he had gone too far.

Boss Grison pressed his lips together and then looked at the younger subordinate “in short, the source of my pain” He turned his eyes back to the slab which there were more long moments of silence then finally he said “Load him on board and bring the slab to my quarters

Yes Boss Grison” the Boss then left and the loading was carried out.

Short time later the invaders were aboard their own ship and left the Corvette to drift. Boss Grison stood before the slab a smug satisfied look on his face.

Well well Kell, reunited again” As he stared the memories of the past bubbled to the surface

Kell had arrived at the small settlement on Tatooine, changed but had appeared to be repairing the relationship with Feluela his estranged wife. How dare he return after all this time, undoing his advances. Jealousy had risen up in him like a beast dying to be unleashed. He did not care if He did love her, it had been him who had been there picking up the pieces Kell left her in but he would never forget witnessing him run his blade through pronouncing his fealty to the Sith. He grudgingly admit that Kell had skill but he hated Kell with the fury of a star. He wanted to make him dead and he wanted Kell to suffer for a long time and painfully. Carbonite was a mercy to him, and It had been in the planning stages for quite sometime. New information forced him to hasten his plans. Though Kell had single handedly took out the entire colony but he had survived. Hate kept him going. Another nomad had found Grison and nursed him back to health. Kell had destroyed his life , he had destroyed his future and now Kell was in carbonite sitting against his wall like a trophy. Justice had only begun to be served it would not be over until he dismembered Kell into tiny pieces.

===Elsewhere, Location: Unknown===

The Krath’s influence had spread far, operating in secret, laying dormant, observing mostly, its goals to perserve the Sith Empire and their ideals this was their prime directive, it’s loyalties were not to any Dark Lord. If the Krath had loyalty to any Sith Lord it was to their founders, One of which had disappeared. Some say he abandoned the Sith, some say he fell in battle. While others whisper that He was preparing for a push for the Sith Throne nobody truly knew what had become of the War-Bringer. The Sith Lord known as Warvanus had disappeared during a campaign to dispel the Sorell Clan, a clan that was at odds with Clan Ordo. All that was found of the War-Bringer was his lightsaber, It had been found by a Mandalorian by the name of Vyn Kaal a warrior who fought for Clan Ordo and loyal to the War-Bringer but the second bit was not common knowledge. When the Lightsaber was found it disappeared again, only it was not lost. Vyn Kaal had put it in safer keeping, in the hands of the High Priestess who operated in the shadows the one nobody knew the identity of save a couple of beings. Vyn being one of them. Everyone who knew the High Priestess’ identity had taken a vow to never divulge it. Vyn himself had taken such an oath. Ever since the Lightsaber had been recovered the Krath operating from the shadows had dispatched some operatives to learn what had happened to the wayward Sith Lord.

The High Priestess had assured her operatives that the War-Bringer did not fall or she would have felt his death in the Force, of this she was quite certain. It was an exhaustive search, one that did not bear any fruit. The High Priestess knew that if the War-Bringer did not want to be found, then he wouldn’t. She remembered the last time Warvanus had gone missing, he had been clinging to life under a heap of rubble on Korriban. She had found him then she would find him again. She was under orders to alert Tormentous if she ever found him or had proof of his fate. She would find him, she was his apprentice and knew him better than most. She would find him, or die trying. Kinta Vetasa would not be denied her goal. One thing that her Krath did not know save one individual who was in her innermost circle was that Kinta Vetasa, apprentice to Lord Warvanus the War-Bringer was that she had command of his battle group “Warhound Command”. Officers and soldiers loyal to the War-Bringer ready to serve her and by proxy serve the War-Bringer himself. Kinta Vetasa effortlessly slipped between lives, one life the High Priestess of a sith cult but she preferred caretakers over cult. The other life the Chief Lieutenant and apprentice to Lord Warvanus. She was in the role of the apprentice, she had been using all the resources at her command. The combined resources of both the Sith and the Krath worked with diligence with fruitless results.
Lord Warvanus
Of the House of Blood
-=The War Bringer=-

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