Well hello there!

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Ahron Rol
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Well hello there!

Post by Ahron Rol » Sat Mar 30, 2019 10:06 pm

I am Ahron Rol, as you can probably tell by my username =D I've been a roleplayer for about 10 years now, but I've only ever done Starwars once, in a Force and Destiny game. I'm not a huge lore buff, but I am a fan of the force and the character I have in mind to bring here was also the character I played in that Force and Destiny game. Of course, I only need a specific aspect of that character I will explain incoherently down below =D
So, she started off as a Jedi Padawan, just about to get promoted to Knight. She had always had a talent for the less direct uses of the force. Foresight, the sensing and seeking people and objects, and even supporting people around her with various battle mediations. She was, for all intent and purpose a support type character who shined in roleplay.

And she was obsessed with the force. Growing up in the Jedi Order, which has an obvious bias, she followed that bias very fluidly but as she got older she started to get curious about the Dark Side. She didn't want the power, she wanted the understanding, believing that until you understood all the aspects of the force, you couldn't say you had a knowledge of the force. She even went so far as to say there wasn't a light or dark side. There was just the force and your intent as a person was the only thing that mattered.

Because of this, the DM accidentally let a Sith Holocron fall into her hands, and, well, her desire to understand the force in its entirety both good and evil compelled her, along with a nagging presence from the Holocron telling her to open it up, had her open up the Holocron. That was a problem, but we didn't exactly have time to try and find a solution because order 66 was called basically at the same time, and she had to run for her life, and actually use the abilities the Holocron taught her, which was Force Harm.

Now, this obviously brought tension in the party, specifically between her and the other Jedi. They, however, knew each other very well and the other Jedi believed they could solve the problem without killing Ahron as long as Ahron didn't fall too hard to the dark side. A tentative truce was gradually made between the two and they carried on.

The Jedi order had fallen, though, so they couldn't actually turn to anyone for help, they were on their own. Ahron, noticed that wherever they went they upset the force, because if they were in the same area together, her and the other Jedi, the "good" aspects of the force had more weight, so she started to get darker, and darker, until she Assassin Creed Swandived into the dark side because the Other Jedi became a paragon of the light. Ahrons actions were, while immature and misguided, her desire to not upset the balance of the force. So much so, that when the Other Jedi started to slip towards the dark side, Ahron started to try and climb back towards the light.
It was a really interesting Dynamic to play because Ahron didn't subscribe to any belief surrounding the force, other than it was a non-polarized force that people could manipulate.

Ahron is a Force user who is obsessed with the force and doesn't believe in a Dark or Light side. The individual's intentions are when the polarity takes effect. However, because there is such a polarity forced on us, she instead believes to truly understand and master the force, you must be capable of using both sides of it.

She also doesn't like lightsabers >.>

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Doren Vassyl
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Re: Well hello there!

Post by Doren Vassyl » Sun Mar 31, 2019 12:44 am

No Light or Dark? Well well well well: can I interest you in the Empire's wonderful Force-Neutral Inquisitorius program? (Salutations and welcome by the by~).

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Dastan Imatari
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Re: Well hello there!

Post by Dastan Imatari » Wed Apr 03, 2019 3:29 pm

Force and Destiny lover here. That set of games has my favorite take on the force system. EVER.

Anywho- welcome to SL, and enjoy your stay. As a force user, your character is likely destined to come across the Sith at one time or another- and I can't wait for my character to meet them (In Character, and out :P)

The Imperial Inquisitorious under Doren is a neat organization. If you wanna join up- he's your man!

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