Fleeing from the- Oh Wait. (Oct Shipment)

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Fleeing from the- Oh Wait. (Oct Shipment)

Post by Zechs Merquise » Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:43 am

Zechs had garnered a seemingly unnatural amount of things. It came with age he supposed for the fortunate like him, but he had come to the conclusion some of it might be able to do a little more good out there than hidden under his underwear. He didn't want the attention nor did he care for monetary compensation for its release. He didn’t care to have his name plastered on walls in honor of what took him only the flick of his wrist.

Doing good was enough. It might do good, some good, but in the grand scheme of the cosmos and all the trouble out there, it’d be but a spoon of good in an ocean of chaotic whirly trouble. No, it wouldn’t bring peace or save a world, but it might ease a family’s burden. It might bring a taste of peace to a barren table. It might do some good. It was a start.

A rather large load of various resources, supplies, clown gear, and, well, general stuff necessary for life were being loaded up into a few YT transports. It was a very busy day at the starport with YTs buzzing like helpful pests. It was almost as if the entire port was dedicated to this one little job.

It was.

The Peacecraft Foundation was making one lovely load of a donation to the Alliance to do what good it’d do. It would be one the likes some, including Zechs and the inanimate books, would never forgot. The old CSA would have had a heart attack over the amount of red it’d throw across the Foundation’s ledgers. Still, this would also make it a dangerous trip with far too much potential red than anyone could want, so the Alliance would be providing an escort.

It wasn't much. There was a war on, and this navy of light had more pressing matters to attend to in the dark. No, it wasn’t much, but it was something to help them help some others who were in much need of help from somewhere. Their escort would be enough. It was just a "little" fleet.

Faction Shipment!
GA will be moving a ton of my RUs. 
Details to follow from Sir Derric of the Starr who will also be driving.
Dealing ducks since whales became improbable.

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