Outland Mining - Flight 0121 - Blue Star Pirates

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Outland Mining - Flight 0121 - Blue Star Pirates

Post by Master Buggie » Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:30 pm

**Outer Rim Territories**
**Demetras Sector, P-6**
**Salin Corridor, Phindar System**

After the previous month's cargo delivery was made successfully, Buggie and Storm were promptly assigned to make another resupply run deep within the Gordian Reach by the Pirate Council. The raid group concealed at the edge of The Roil had fed Buggie and Storm as much information as they had collected from pilots, crew, and navigation computers aboard the starships they had captured and boarded during their time in the Reach. That was enough current information to successfully travel out of the Gordian Reach unscathed but the quality of the information would have undoubtedly deteriorated since then. That meant that Buggie and Storm had to rely on as much information as they could scrape themselves off of navigational advisories, discussions with other spacers, and the HoloNet. With all that under consideration, Buggie felt reasonably confident in taking on a similar route as last month's, which resulted in the twin Action V transports of Outland Transport, the shipping face of the Outland Mining Company, once more traveling along the Salon Corridor from Phindar.

"Coordinates loaded, Buggie," Storm reported from the pilot's chair within the bridge of Outland 02.

Not long from then, both Outland 02 and the navigation-linked Outland 01 jumped into hyperspace on their way once more into the Reach.

Transport Vessels:
Action V Transport Outland 01 - 320 RU
Action V Transport Outland 02 - 320 RU

Action V Transport Outland 01 - 4x RX-24 Pilot Droids
Action V Transport Outland 02 - 4x RX-24 Pilot Droids; Master Buggie

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